The Moral Tax of Leftism

One of the most pervasive arguments promulgated by the Left is that those on the Right are one-dimensional bigots who only value views and cultures that align with the white heterosexual ideology.

I would like to repudiate that notion, and the vulgarity of the Left’s attempt to “white wash” those of us with whom they disagree. The men I most value in the today’s conservative sphere are Trey Gowdy, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Ben Shapiro,  Milo justice statue leftism wyldboreYiannopolous; a Southern Baptist, a Seventh Day Adventist, a Catholic, an Orthodox Jew, and a homosexual Atheist; white, black, Hispanic, British.

How can the Left categorize even this small sampling of modern conservative thinkers as a monolith? Simple…by doing exactly what they did to Steve Harvey after he visited Donald Trump. They publicly ridicule.

The perpetually unhinged Marc Lamont Hill called Mr. Harvey a “mediocre negro” on CNN merely for attending the meeting.

Let that sink in.

Now imagine the reaction if a contributor at Breitbart said the same thing of, say, Jay-Z after any of his numerous visits to the Obama White House. Or imagine the outcry if Bill O’Reilly called Denzel Washington a “mediocre negro” who has no policy expertise. How long would we have to wait for a resignation letter?

The absence of any moral compass is glaring. It’s acceptable to manipulate a puppet of the same (non-white) skin color, but the moment an individual of color says or does something that does not align with Leftist politics, they’re socially crucified, then swiftly excommunicated.

On the Right, the values we live, love, and share are simple: personal accountability, personal liberty, free markets, and limited government. On the Left, it has become clear that their values are cynicism, hypocrisy, and vitriol against anyone who thinks differently.

When the collection plate of civic duty comes to you, it’s your choice what you contribute to society. Best of luck.


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