The Hate Speech Fallacy

Language is so powerful that during a debate you may find yourself overcome with the feeling of intense or passionate dislike toward your more articulate opponent, if you’re losing.

Words, like education, matter, which is why it’s important to point out the distinction between what you say and what you mean. To use the phrase “hate speech” is to make an intentional (and intentionally subconscious) linguistic connection to “hate crime” or “hate group” or “hate vegetables,” all of which are real, serious social problems that deserve our fullest attention and pitch-fork hoisting scorn.

For all ye triggered liberal snowflakes out there who can’t help flinging the term “hate speech” like monkey shit at anything that smells even vaguely of Trump, conservatism, or the sweet, orgiastic aroma of full Republican majorities in both the U.S. House and Senate, I would recommend you turn away now, because what I’m about to say may cause you to experience the feeling of intense or passionate dislike (of me), and it will, I guarantee, be significantly less satisfying to you than latching back on to your mommy’s titty: “speech,” no matter how offensive or ignorant, even when refined by graphic, vulgar, grotesque adverbs, is still free, legal, and nonviolent.

And trust me, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Words may be so offensive that they are used to justify, to the future criminal, physical retaliation. We saw this occur during several Trump rallies in 2016, when feministas obesitus americanis returned verbal fire with physical assault and were, in turn, assaulted.

Sadly, violence is never a fair response to speech, hence our founders’ long-appreciated foresight in protecting the latter and outlawing the former. Similarly, if unfortunately for those who feel intense or passionate dislike as a result of being told this, speech is neither violent nor oppressive in the way actions and behavior are. Yelling at your stupid, ugly, overweight wife is legal, even constitutionally protected. Roundhouse kicking your stupid ugly overweight wife, however, is not. Calling your cat a selfish, godless cunt is legal. Skinning your selfish godless cunt of a cat is not. These rules of civilization are logical, fair, and uncomplicated even to the layman.

“Hate,” if you haven’t a dictionary before you, is the feeling of intense or passionate dislike. Feelings, if you haven’t a brain to recognize their distinction from reality, are not constitutionally protected.

As a result of hurt feelings over a lost election, people are marching on Washington (something we once considered worthy of a serious cause) wearing hand-crocheted pink pussy hats and demanding rights they already have. White male cucks the world over nearly topple the feminist bandwagon with their fat asses as they join the parade of liberals who lambaste as “fascist” any viewpoint that is not aggressively non-white, non-male, and/or non-straight, all without a single hint of irony at their authoritarian dogma. At no point do they appear cognizant of the fact that they not only caused Trump’s election, but they are continually contributing to His Donald’s ever-rising approval rating and, as such, ever-increasing odds of re-election.

So keep on, dear liberal. You, more than we, are Making America Great Again.


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